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Luke is a seasoned adventurer from trecking camels in the remotes parts of australia to capturing crocodiles in the name of conservation....Luke has traversed Australia many times around on one adventure or another since he left sydney as a teenager. On one such adventure he met the Goolarabooloo community and since then every expedition has ended at the Goolarabooloo community block. Including the time he trekked with a string of wild camels half way across australia and across two deserts. While in Broome Luke became close friends with the late Malcolm Douglas who had an affinity to him as they were somewhat kindred spirits. They worked together for six years travelling to the remotest parts of the Kimberley to film his last film together 'The Wild and Dangerous Kimberley Coast'. Now days Luke has joined up with his wife to form a production company that film, edit and produce many short films and documentaries. Currently they are in the final post prodution stages of their cultural documentary called 'Lurujarri" filmed in conjunction with Goolarabooloo.

Monday, 7 January 2013

Living Culture in the Kimberley Tour

Wyldeclan are promoting "a living culture" in the Kimberley with the Goolarabooloo people. Colin Barnett's Gas Plant at James Price Point will have a devastating effect on the 40,000 year old songline which runs north of Broome, still active with the Goolarabooloo people. They are screening Lurujarri around Australia in an effort to protect Culture in the Kimberley. Wyldeclan need donations to help continue to spread the word around Australia. THEY ARE CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR THEIR NEXT VENUES ON THE EAST COAST. IF ANYBODY CAN HELP PLEASE LET THEM KNOW wyldeclan@hotmail.com

Thursday, 20 September 2012


LURUJARRI- is an Indigenous cultural film that was filmed with the Goolarabooloo family who live just north of Broome, Western Australia over the last 4 years. Their story dates back 40,000 years. Their dinosaur ancestors left footprints behind and created their Law which is still practised today. Their dreamtime stories (Bugarregara) begin with the story of creation of man. Broome is the birthplace in their beliefs and their stories travel along the Dampier Peninsular as a song-line. This family takes you along a spiritual path that was opened to us all by their late grandfather Paddy Roe who believed that to protect this country for the future we had to share it, all of us, together, black & white. The family run an annual event to walk the Lurujarri Heritage Trail which is led by Richard Hunter and Frans Hoogland. Phillip Roe allows us to witness sacred artefacts and a corroberee. A must see film for anyone interested in Aboriginal culture and heritage.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Invitation to join Bull in walk to Manari rd Blokade this Sunday!

Bull Invites anyone and everyone who wants to make a fresh stand this year against the governments compulsory aquisition of land in the area culturally known as Walmadan (40km north of Broome WA) for  Woodside to build a LNG refinery. We want to make a strong stand to support the establishment of the new Manari rd Blokade at Black Tank which was a huge success last year! We are supporting traditional owners in any way possible... Congratulations everybody on a terrific year last year and goodluck for this year! Wyldeclan will be playing their short film "First Stand For Walmadan" after the procession arrives and will  be releasing their trailer for their up and coming documentary. We hope to see you all there....

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Soon to be released is the still un-named trailer for the up and coming documentary on the fight against government compulsary aquisition by Goolarabooloo led by Joseph Roe- Senior Law Boss for the land just north of Broome known to many as James Prices Point but culturally the area is called Walmadan. Wyldeclan will be showing their trailer tonight at the NO GAS seminar held at the Broome convention centre. Will update on the progress of this documentary as it progresses......